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One Stop Bridal Halt

The day you have eagerly been awaiting all your life is finally here. In a moment's time, you will be caught up with a handful of decisions besides getting your wedding outfit and jewelry together. It takes a while to soak in and decide a list of things you never gave a thought about before. Your mind gets coagulated with the themes for every occasion and what your groom should wear. Here are a couple of things to consider while choosing your wedding attire.


1. Right attire for each occasion

A couple of outfit ideas arise on your mind on what you would like to wear for your cocktail, sangeet and reception. However, keep in mind that your attire and jewelry should complement your style and personality and look a tad bit different from each other, yet incredibly breathtaking.

2. Your groom’s attire

You are probably thinking of matching your outfits or atleast having a clash of color in the two. Instead consider complementing the outfits and syncing matching embroideries and sense of style.

3. Getting the right makeup and hair do

The biggest mistake that most brides make is that they overdo their makeup palette and concentrate more on their makeup rather than embracing their natural beauty. 

4. On the go essentials

Make sure you wear comfortable yet delicately pretty footwear. Let’s not forget a clutch to stock your bridal touch ups and some tissues for those tears!

5. Breathing in

Last, but certainly not least, take a daily yoga class near you so that you can inhale and exhale to make sure you diffuse those pre-wedding jitters.