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The Mismatching Print Guide

Fashion is a fast moving recurrent cycle and something that was once a fashion faux is always on the verge of becoming a fashion moment the next. Before you step out to make a daring fashion statement, a few pointers to make sure you are not left in a fashion fix.

1. Be familiar with the color wheel

To be safe and sound with this trend, it is recommended that you preferably stick to the same family of colors within the color palette. When you grow confident in this trend, you can opt to combine two complementary colors to make a stronger impact. Whenever you choose to combine print on print, comprehend with true sensibility and basic instinct.


2. Take a fashion risk

Trends and styles were never meant to be taken seriously but on the other hand it also must adhere to your personality. It is not necessarily true that fashion forwards are more accessible to the latest ongoing trends and can follow them easily. Unleash your inner stylist to create wonders!                                                             


3. Know your types of prints

Graphic prints vary from daring leopard or zebra prints, subtle to outbursts of florals to teeny polka dots to bolder circles or even a piece of abstract art. The idea is to create your look by experimenting with different textures and prints of the shades of a particular hue and furthermore complementary colors.



4. Mix designer labels with vintage pieces

The latest of fashion is not always far beyond your reach. Shop a couple of your favourite pieces from the latest emerging designers and pair it with your classic separates for a one of a kind chic look. The idea of mix matching is now in full spirit.

This could be easily added to your fashion repertoire. Balance your entire look without compensating on the fact that you cannot have too much fun with fashion.

'The idea is to aim to impress rather than overwhelm the fashion scenario.'