A Complete Guide for Sarees: From Fabric to Outfit

Who knew a single piece of cloth will be styled in multiple fashionable ways after generations? Traditional sarees have indeed come a long way! From a simple classic saree, the garment has evolved into numerous types like saree gowns, fusion saree, lehenga saree and so on. Rooted in Indian culture, sarees are now a part of global fashion as well.  

Whether it is your home puja, a formal event, a wedding event, or any festival, wearing a saree is always a safe bet to stand out from all. Aza Fashions has 11K+ unique saree styles onboard crafted by top-notch fashion designers to deliver premium quality with a luxury feel.


In this post, we are going to map you through the journey of sarees, starting from the fabrics and types to styling ways and best-suited occasions. So, if you are on the lookout for styling ideas and want to make a unique and statement look, scroll down through our style guide.


Types of Designer Sarees

Voluminous Ruffle Saree

Why settle for basic when new styles are raging? Adding a ruffled saree to your closet will accentuate your look. The ruffles in the saree add volume, texture, and a playful element, creating a contemporary and fashion-forward look. You can take cues from our designer collection and style your favourite outfit in unique ways. 

Ruffled sarees are made from a variety of materials to suit different occasions and personal styling interests. Georgette, chiffon, silk, net, and organza are only a few to name. Choosing the right fabric influences the overall look.

Work: Depending upon the occasion, you can find ruffled sarees designed with unique and fashionable print, embroidery, lacework, stone embellishment, mirror embellishment and more. 

 Styling tip: 

Opting for a lightweight and flowy fabric like georgette, chiffon, or organza will work well in maintaining the shape of the ruffles. Pair it with a simple and basic fitted blouse to balance the dramatic ruffles. Add statement earrings to enhance the look and let the saree be the focus point. 

Glamorous Saree Gown

A saree gown is an Indo-Western dress that is a fusion of traditional sarees and modern gowns. Saree gowns are mostly ready-to-wear which eliminates the need for draping. These are the perfect options to go for when it comes to fashion with comfort. Saree gowns are designed using several kinds of fabrics which include satin, organza, mesh, silk, net, georgette, chiffon, tulle, and more. The multiple materials and designs of the saree gowns make them versatile outfits to style at different celebratory events. 

From a glamorous look at weddings to traditional touch at festivals to a classy look at parties and cocktails, saree gowns are one of the popular choices to style. They offer a contemporary look in traditional attire. 

Work: With various choices available, choosing a saree gown with intricate detailing and a rich look is not an easy task. Choosing a saree gown based on their work and design makes it easy to decide which look to wear at what occasion/event. Zari work, embroidery, sequin embellishment, cutwork, print, and bead embellishment are some of the types of work on a saree gown that you must go for.

Traditional Pant & Dhoti Saree

Pant & dhoti saree showcases elegance with modern aesthetics. Explore our collection here. Designed from a variety of materials, pant & dhoti sarees make their way to different events like weddings, puja, festivals or even at parties.  

Crafted from top designers, intricate detailing, chic looks and a luxurious feel, our curate of pant & dhoti sarees will make you fall for their looks. To offer comfort and convenience of handling, the pant & dhoti sarees are mostly made from lightweight and flowy materials. These types of materials not only give you comfort but also fit perfectly to all your body curves. 

Pant sarees are designed with flared, sharara, and gharara-styled bottoms. However, styling a dhoti saree has a traditional dhoti drape at the bottom.  

Work: Designs with intricate detailing are incorporated into pant & dhoti sarees to enhance the overall look. From floral patterns to geometric techniques to abstract prints, to traditional prints like paisley, pant & dhoti sarees are more appealing. Choosing sarees with zari work, lace, and contrasting fabric trim at the borders uplifts the overall look. Also, consider sarees with sequin, beads, mirror, and other embellishments on the pant & dhoti drape or on the pallu.

Exquisite Lehenga Saree

A ready-to-wear outfit that comprises the elegance of a saree and the style element of a lehenga. A lehenga-saree is an easy-to-wear outfit that pours traditional touch with a fashionable look. If you like to experiment with styles and create a fusion and unique look, then choosing a lehenga-saree should be an option to consider. The combination of a saree and lehenga creates a contemporary look and a go-to option for weddings, receptions, festivals, and formal events. 

Lehenga sarees are designed using different types of materials. The choice of fabric can vary depending on the drape style and occasion. With different designs and draping styles, each lehenga-saree has its unique look. Explore our designer collection of lehenga sarees to make a statement at celebratory events. 

Some commonly used fabrics are Silk: Luxurious texture to give a traditional appeal, Georgette: Lightweight and flowy fabric to drape beautifully and comfortably, Chiffon: Lightweight and sheer fabric for a snug fit, Crepe: Crinkled texture with a slight stretch for a visually appealing look, Organza: Lightweight and crisp fabric to give a voluminous look. 

Work: Lehenga sarees feature embellishments and designs to enhance their visual appeal. These may include intricate embroidery, zari work, sequins, beads, stones, or mirror work.

Know what to wear on different occasions

The timelessness of a Saree precedes any code that's set for an occasion. Its versatility is unmatched, Sarees can keep the eyes on you, no matter what the eve is. Indian textiles and workmanship are knitted with traditional culture and has evolved into modern and contemporary forms. From comfortable and breathable cotton to classic banarasi to elegant silk to fashionable georgette to delicate chiffon, and a lot more, Indian textiles have made it easy for you to style outfits according to different occasions and festivals. 

Indian weddings are the epitome of glory. Each wedding function has a unique cultural essence that makes it even more special. Keeping your wardrobe ready with outfits that complement the auspicious functions is essential but definitely not easy. 

However, sarees, being a versatile outfit can be styled uniquely and voguishly at events apart from weddings like puja, festivals and even at work. 

If you are overwhelmed with a plethora of options, we are here to give you insights of what fabric to choose from, which style to choose from at what occasion.



Choosing a saree for a bride can be overwhelming. With numerous options available, coming down to a single option that suits the personal style, culture and wedding theme is definitely not an easy choice to make. Here are some popular saree options with styling tips for the brides that you must not miss:


Banarasi saree:

Known for intricate weaving and embroidery techniques, Banarasi sarees are a popular choice for brides. The intricate design work, luxurious fabric, and exquisite artisanship make these sarees perfect to pour elegance and grandeur. Zari work, brocade patterns, gold and silver thread embroidery and other patterns make Banarasi sarees a sophisticated and rich option to choose from.    

Styling a Banarasi saree on your big day while balancing each element is not an easy job. Here are some styling tips- 

You must go for a heavy choker or a statement necklace, depending upon the colour and work of the saree. Then add earrings that go best with the blouse's neckline. Also, accentuate your curves with a designer kamarbandh. 

Further, add a minimalistic matha patti that complements the necklace and earrings.  

The versatility of designs allows a bride to select a Banarasi saree that complements her personal style and enhances her bridal ensemble.

Paithani saree

Paithani sarees are a type of traditional silk sarees that are known for their rich silk fabric, intricate handwoven designs, and vibrant colours. Classic look, rich silk fabric, intricate work, and unique designs make these sarees a popular choice for brides. Sprucing up with exquisite craftsmanship, a bride embraces tradition with elegance. 

These sarees are traditionally crafted using gold or silver threads with designs like peacocks, flowers, vines, and geometric patterns. 

You can style a Paithani saree on your wedding day by accessorizing it up with a long chain nath to give a traditional Maharashtrian feel.  

Go for gold jewellery featuring intricate designs to complement the Paithani saree.  

Further, add bangles according to the colour of your saree. 

Choose accessories wisely and don't let them overpower your look. Pick what makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

Kanjivaram, Handwoven silk, Georgette, Organza, Crepe, Silk Dupion and more are other material choices for the brides to style on their big day. Each saree type is crafted with unique designs, intricate detailing and patterns, allowing brides to exude grace and elegance.

Colour to go for: 

The colour of a bridal saree can vary based on personal, cultural and regional preferences. Symbolizing love, red is considered the most auspicious colour for an Indian bride. However, brides have started experimenting with various colours for their wedding attire.


Mehndi, Haldi, and Sangeet 

Wedding events are no less than fashion events. From relatives to the bride, each person involved in the wedding functions unveils their fashion enthusiast. People tend to incorporate vibrant colours and traditional elements to their outfits that add classic elegance to flaunt.  

Designed with bandhani work, mirror work, gota patti, and embroidery, styling a saree for a mehndi function will create an eye-catching and snap-worthy look.  However, choosing a saree with a tie-dye print, block print, gota patti work, and hand embroidery are some popular choices for a haldi event to match that lively vibe. Add glitz to your sangeet event with sequin, zari, zardozi, mirror, and patchwork sarees. 

Colours to opt for: 

Yellow, orange, green, and pink are some of the popular colour choices to wear at a mehndi ceremony.  

Yellow, mustard, gold, cream, off-white, beige, and olive green are some of the trendy colours that you must choose to glam at haldi functions. 

These are the popular colour and work choices that are trendy. However, you may choose a saree that suits your personal style and choice. You must also accessorize your look with designer accessories to amp up the look.


Cocktail, Reception and Party

Experimenting with traditional saree to get modern and contemporary looks is the best way to style at cocktails, receptions and parties. Designed with intricate workmanship and unique detailing, choosing a saree is not an easy task.  

Opt for a chic saree like a saree gown, lehenga saree, ruffled saree and more with lightweight and flowy fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and crepe to offer a comfortable fit and convenience of carrying at a cocktail or a party. For receptions, choosing an elegant heavy saree like a kanjivaram or banarasi is a popular choice. 

Popular colours: 

You can play with funky and bold colours at cocktails and parties to add glamour and make a statement. Choose colours like peach, pink, silver, blue, black, orange and others. Opt for intricate gold or silver embroidery in colours like red, emerald green, white, gold, silver and more at receptions.



Handloom saree, cotton saree, chanderi saree, organza saree and silk saree are the top choices to consider when it comes to styling for pujas. These sarees are designed with sophistication and elegance,  reflecting traditional aspects. Intricate traditional weaving, rich textures, and elegant prints make these sarees best suited for pujas.

Organza saree

Lightweight and sheer appearance is what describe organza sarees the best. It is important to choose the right colour and design for the saree that reflects simplicity and complements the occasion. These sarees are a versatile pick to style at festivals and pujas. Going for pastel hues with minimalistic accessories is a perfect outfit look for attending pujas. 

Chanderi saree

Chanderi sarees are crafted with a blend of silk and cotton that gives a glossy texture and translucent appearance. For styling a saree at puja, one should go for a classic and minimalistic look. Opting for subtle colours like yellow, cream, off-white, peach and more like these will embrace simplicity. 

Colour tones 

Available in various colours and designs, one should go for basic and sophisticated colours like red, maroon, gold, yellow, green, off-white, and more. One can also choose pastels and accessorise them with contrasting colours to uplift the look. 


Top Designers to Go For

There are many established and evolving fashion designers who aim to bring a fashion-forward look to both traditional and western outfits. To name a few of the most established designers who are known for their luxuriously crafted designer saree collections are Tarun Tahiliani, Torani, Paulmi and Harsh, Masaba, Matsya, Anushree Reddy, and Seema Gujral. 

Each designer owning their unique design, print, pattern, material, and style gives you the choice to style uniquely and voguishly.


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