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Decoding Designer Abhinav Mishra’s Signature Style

With a penchant for design and a love for experimenting with textiles, Abhinav Mishra officially started his eponymous label in 2015 with retail and online operations. Today, within just a few years, Abhinav Mishra has crafted a niche for himself. His captivating designs which feature the impressive use of gorgeous sorbet and pastel hues blended with exquisite mirror work have not only made him the favourite couturier of the millennial bride but also a celebrity favourite.

So what sets his creations apart from the rest? Let's decode his signature style.

Design Ideology


Embellished Jacket Lehenga By Abhinav Mishra

Embellished Jacket Lehenga By Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav’s design ideology is best described as a fusion of traditional design and contemporary silhouettes with an underlying mystical and romantic aesthetic to it. His designs cater to every modern Indian woman who is in tune with International sensibilities but is still rooted in traditions. She seeks to keep the traditions alive but wants to be true to unique herself. She's a timeless beauty with a strong personality. This is brought to life with his creations which are clean, uncluttered, and ethereal looking. And very eye-catchy too! Another element that sets his designs apart is his equal importance to the finishing of each garment along with its style and silhouette. 


Love affair with the craft of Mirror work

Powder Blue Lehenga By Abhinav Mishra

Powder Blue Lehenga By Abhinav Mishra

Mirror work which is touted as the designer's signature style has been a big part of his collections since the very beginning. The ancient craft of mirror work has been a part of Indian heritage for many years now, but Abhinav Mishra has succeeded in re-inventing and modernizing it with his creations. Instead of incorporating the craft in traditional ways, his designs are focussed on giving the ancient handcraft a modern outlook by fusing it with contemporary patterns. Lehengas, anarkalis, and sharara sets that are strewn in mirror work and Gotta Patti have become a signature style for Abhinav Mishra. Upon a closer look, you will notice that the handwork is very intricate and each mirror is finely woven in. This also goes on to giving the outfits an heirloom-worthy look that is regal and royal.


Influence Of Art & Architecture

Stills From Sheesh Mahal


Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and nature of India, Abhinav Mishra draws inspiration from the Indian art & architectural elements. But he fuses it innovatively with mirror work. His creations feature deconstructed motifs, geometric patterns, chevron patterns, and even block printed motifs innovatively shaped with the craft of mirror work in earthy colours, depicting his love for art & palatial architecture. 


Pastels & Sorbet Colours

Stills From Mor Bagh


Abhinav Mishra's bridal lehengas and kurta sets are not just collections but rather moods with an air of dreamlike nostalgia. Across his collections, the one element that remains uniform is the recurrent use of pastels and sorbet hues. He uses colour play masterfully to tell a story and create moods. His collections, love stories, Band Baja, Old World Romance, and Sahiba feature tons of striking corals and dreamy pastels to celebrate the romance of royal celebrations surrounding the big fat Indian wedding. 

Here's Taking A Look At Some Of His Best Creations


  1. Mirror Work Lehengas

2. Mirror Work Shararas

3. Mirror Work Anarkalis


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