7 contemporary jewellery ideas for your best friend’s engagement

When we read about diamonds being a woman's best friend, it is definitely the truth. But, there's a slight altercation to the age-old saying because every piece of jewellery happens to be our best friend. Enhancing even the simplest of looks, some contemporary styles of jewellery have been galvanizing us to a great extent. When attending a traditional event or a function, our initial instinct is to opt for the gorgeous meenakari and Kundan bijoux, but life is all about trying new styles. Jewellery styles have come a long way from where they began and with new designs coming in daily, it's gotten tougher than Sophie's Choice to pick the right one.  

When attending the engagement party of a close friend, you want to make sure to look your best. With contemporary styles being incorporated into today's trends, a latter-day woman needs to know her best friends. While we can all agree that no function is ever complete with the right jewellery, the fashion savants can surely rely on these one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. 

From choker necklaces to double rings to tasseled earrings, these jewellery items are going to add all the glamour and magnetism to your look. Take a look at some of the most modern bijouterie to wear to your friend's engagement. 

Prerto's Elsa Floral Crystal Studs, Rs. 6,500 

Prerto's Elsa Floral Crystal Studs, Rs. 6,500

A modern-day twist only adds to the beauty of the evergreen style of studs. Studs happen to suit any style of clothing, from sarees to lehengas to gowns, the easiest way to flaunt them is with a sleek updo. 

Outhouse's Fluora Eternite Choker, Rs. 19,800  

Outhouse's Fluora Eternite Choker, Rs. 19,800

Last we checked; nothing enhances a fusion look better than an embellished choker. Adding the extra urbane details to your outfit, it's a must-have to complete your look for your best friend's engagement.  

Tarun Tahiliani's Bead Tassel Long Necklace, Rs. 27,400  

Tarun Tahiliani's Bead Tassel Long Necklace, Rs. 27,400

Add a little concupiscent vibe to your classic saree or gown with a bead tassel long necklace. Tassel necklaces have been coming back in fashion and how! The piece of jewellery suits best with a tulle neckline hence enhancing the elegance of your ensemble. 

Gewels By Mona's Floral And Stone Embellished Double Finger Ring, Rs. 2,971 

Gewels By Mona's Floral And Stone Embellished Double Finger Ring, Rs. 2,971

Double finger rings help reduce the hassle of loading oneself with accessories. While adding charm and ritzy details to your look, this piece of jewellery is a must-have accessory. 

The Slow Studio's Handcrafted Mesh Tassel Earrings, Rs. 7,500 

The Slow Studio's Handcrafted Mesh Tassel Earrings, Rs. 7,500

Skip the usual traditional earrings for the chic and à la mode mesh tassel earrings. If you're planning for maximal style with minimalistic efforts, the tassel earrings are all you need to make a lasting impression at your best friend's engagement.  

Outhouse's Crystal Lune Maangtikka, Rs. 13,200 

Outhouse's Crystal Lune Maangtikka, Rs. 13,200

Most of the top-class styles these days tend to speak out loud with barely-there efforts. The crystal lune maangtikka can very well be used as a stand-alone accessory that will bedazzle your outfit like no other.  

Prerto's Cordelia Pendant Long Necklace, Rs. 8,500 

Prerto's Cordelia Pendant Long Necklace, Rs. 8,500

It's time to give long necklaces the credit they deserve for making us look like absolute divas. The piece of jewellery is self-sufficient and the details of pearl and emeralds are sure to fit faultlessly in contrast with almost any shade of outfit.  


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