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9 Puff Sleeve Designs to Mark the Trend’s Timely Revival

Thanks to the looping trend cycle of fashion, we get to live the glory days of the puff sleeve era all over again. The hottest trend of the 1890s,  1980s and now, the 2020s. A Victorian era style statement; re-popularized in the 80s by the architectural marvel that is Lady Diana’s wedding dress, is now […]

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Vacation on Your Mind? Ananya’s Wardrobe Is for You

Ananya Panday Vacation Outfits Everyone bid adieu to 2020 in their own unique way. While some were lounging sipping wine in the comfort (and safety) of their homes, the others were practising YOLO very seriously, yet with necessary measures. From the looks of it, Goa and Maldives were among the most-favoured vacay spots to end […]

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